The last time I gave Santa Rosa Shoes a try-on it didn't go very well.

Today, I am happy to report that they've redeemed themselves completely from my last experience.
 I got acknowledged promptly without the gentleman who helped me hovering over me. I took my time selecting. When it was time for me to try on I got the gentleman's attention and he promptly went to get my size in the two styles I selected. I was after two pairs today. Although the first pair was true to size, the second pair was half a size large and the helpful employee could see that. He quickly exchanged for the correct size. The store is large enough that you can walk 50 feet or so in a straight line while you feel your new shoes. Very good experience.
I told the gentleman I would be purchasing both pairs I had tried. He promptly boxed them up and said they'd be at the counter promptly for me to pay.

This is what buying shoes in a store used to be like. helpful, knowledgeable and professional employees helping you walk out with the best pair of shoes for your money.
IF YOU'RE SICK AND TIRED OF INTERNET SHOE ORDERING FAILURES - go and give Santa Rosa Shoes a try. They're doing it the old-fashioned way and it's really working for me.  I've very pleased.  I Recommend.

- Mr. On-his-feet-all-day. Jaimson A. from Reston, VA

First I am not a shopper. I like to park nearby, walk right in and find what is on my list. I was greeted warmly by all, explained what I was looking for, and Roberto was there - He was knowledgeable, helpful without being pushy. He found just what I had in mind. I consider that a success! P.K. from Forestville, CA

I just bought myself a pair of merells for work they are slip on and so very comfortable. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. These are som really great shoes. Thank you Fred for your help! Dan R. from Calistoga

Great place to do business old-fashioned service, doing business with these folks since the mid-70s.Shoes for the whole family plus extra wide, very satisfied all these years thank you so much. Dan M. from Santa Rosa, CA

Amazing customer service, took the time to help me pick out the best shoes for me. I am a repeat customer. I highly recommend shopping here especially if you need shoes for work. Samemo

From the moment you step in the door you are greeted with the highest level of customer service! They truly attend to your needs and help to find the best product for you. Jeriann Bjugstad

I bought a pair of shoes that I needed to exchange, and that was a snap. I looked around for a few minutes at their complete selection and found another pair. Now, I own two pair of very high quality shoes from a very good store. Outstanding service. Brendan Lappert

Great people, helpful and friendly. They found the shoes I wanted in my wide shoe size. They also have a great selection of fun and comfortable socks. Gale Boucher

I was fit well, treated nicely. Positive experience. Satisfied customer. Negative reviews being left by person who had never even heard of the place. Obviously a hateful person is behind many negative reviews. Customers of this store leave very positive reviews. Go to this store and look for a well fitting shoe, and see how you are treated. Don Phelps  


Having read all the poor reviews, I was a bit hesitant to try this place.  I'm glad I did. My experience was excellent. The girl on the sales floor was pleasant and very helpful.  She knew what she was talking about and didn't mind me trying on numerous pairs of boots until I found just the right ones.  The owner at the counter was very knowledgeable and helpful.  He sold me a fantastic product for softening some extremely stiff Made In England Doc Marten boots I've been trying to break in. They do not work on commission, so there is not high pressure sales games.  I plan to go back in a couple months and buy some USA made work boots from them.   Not sure why some other have had negative experience here, but I'll be a return customer. - - David D. from Santa Rosa, CA

I have a medical condition where I have intermittant swelling of my feet. I went to SR Shoes to be fitted properly. Craig took care of me in a very knowledgeable and professinal way. The shoes and accesories have been perfect....I was very pleased with the service. - - Richard H. from Santa Rosa

Great service and reasonable return policy. The building may look new, but this is an old fashioned shoe store with salespersons that actually measure your feet (if needed). I have shopped here (and at the previous location) ever since the 60's because of the quality products and wonderful service. - - Larry C.

Good selection of sizes. Old school customer service. Glad it's still around. - - Zachary F.

Don't listen to the negative reviews put on here by some. These people are fantastic. Always helpful and courteous, they go out of there way to make my shoe buying experience a positive one. I've been going to this store for many years now and will be going again today, and you know why? Because there going to have what I need and they will make my experience pleasant. - - Ralph S.

Very friendly staff, helped me pick out some great slippers for my Dad, ended up purchasing some for my brothers too, as presents! - - Carol H.

My mom is 89 and for almost 60 years she still saying, they are her ''favorite place to buy shoes ''. They are very helpful finding shoes for Great-great-grandma-Groot. the guy who said he could not park in handicap must have been in front the dispensary a few doors down it has security guards to prevent loitering. - - Bob M.

Amazing customer service, took the time to help me pick out the best shoes for me. I am a repeat customer. I highly recommend shopping here especially if you need shoes for work. - - Sameno

I bought a pair of shoes that I needed to exchange, and that was a snap. I looked around for a few minutes at their complete selection and found another pair. Now, I own two pair of very high quality shoes from a very good store. Outstanding service - - Brendan L

Great experience all around!!!! My wife and I were greeted at the front counter by 2 employees eager to help. Fred, who became aware of our needs; my wife needed a good shoe for stability for her knees, and I needed new work shoes. He took us to the rear of the store, showed us a variety of shoes; ranging in price, he didn't push one particular brand, fitted our feet to the correct size shoe, tried on different widths and sizes. We left with 2 pair of reasonably priced shoes, not the cheapest or most expensive shoe. Thanks Santa Rosa Shoes for your customer service! - - Troy B. from Rohnert Park, CA

I was referred to Santa Rosa Shoes by my orthopedic brace therapist. I strolled into the store this morning ready to purchase a new pair of shoes. I was greeted by Anna at the counter and told her what I was looking for...(I am waiting for a new ankle brace to replace my current one)...I could very easily have been sold a new pair of shoes accommodating my current brace...Anna recommended that I wait until my new brace is being worn...Awesome...Why buy 2 pairs of shoes when we are not sure of how the new brace will fit? I was appreciative of the fact that the employees are not on commission and trying to hard sell me into purchasing a pair of shoes that might not fit with the new brace fitted. Pretty darn honest if you ask me! I purchased a couple pairs of shoelaces instead for other shoes. I will return once my new brace is fitted. Very good! - - Tom S. from Santa Rosa, CA

I've been a customer at Santa Rosa Shoes for 20 years.  My loyalty is based on their broad selection of excellent shoe brands, personable and knowledgeable staff and how well they stand behind their product. I could not be more satisfied by my experiences there and do not hesitate to give Santa Rosa Shoes my highest recommendation. - - Tony J. from Petaluma, CA

Santa Rosa Shoes has been my go to for good quality wide-width shoes for 5 yrs.  Every week they feature a discount on targeted items and always have a bargain table for both men and women.  They also feature a wide choice of socks, inserts and other accessories.  The staff are salaried so there's no pressure to buy on commission.  They are all knowledgeable and patient, including my most recent experience with Edgar.  The owners lost their home during the Oct 2017 fires but continue to serve the community with friendly customer service and good values. - - Sofi H. from Santa Rosa, CA

Some stores say they want you to leave happy, however, Santa Rosa Shoes makes certain of it.

I stopped in to buy a pair of Saltwater Sandals, and they happened to be 30% off...yay! That's all I really was shopping for, so I was happy to find they were on sale.

The employees are of the "mature" variety, which m and you just hit the customer service jackpot!!!

These folks help assist with placing the shoes on your feet, then buckle, tie, and fasten for you. This made me feel nostalgic for the old days when this was a regular occurrence. The service is an exceptional change from what I have experience at even high end boutique stores, aka. Sole Desire.

If you have children and want them to experience how kind people could be in the good ol' days, or just need a little pampering, this is the spot!

Please don't stop here if you're having a bad day, good vibes only . - - Rachel A. from Santa Rosa, CA 

Always have what you need and can't find anywhere else! Great quality selection of leather dyes, shoe cream for restoring the color,  and many more hard to find items. Have a wide range of colors, more than anywhere I've seen! - - Adi. T. from Santa Rosa, CA 

This is a great old school shoe store with great staff and a great selection of hiking and work type shoes!

Susie F from Rio Nido, CA

I have always had a great experience here when purchasing work shoes. They have a good selection and the staff is very friendly as well as exceptionally helpful. There's always something modern available and I can always find something affordable. Highly recommend Santa Rosa Shoes for work shoes.

Thea T. from Lower Lake, CA

Great place to get shoes. Was there yesterday and they took time to find a pair that fit me right. Great customer service always. Been shopping here for years. Even when in Roseland shopping center.

Ruth B. from Santa Rosa, CA

Don't listen to the negative reviews put on here by some. These people are fantastic. Always helpful and courteous, they go out of there way to make my shoe buying experience a positive one. I've been going to this store for many years now and will be going again today, and you know why? Because there going to have what I need and they will make my experience pleasant.

Ralph S.

Love supporting this local business. They are always friendly and helpful, and have a good selection of work boots/hiking shoes in particular.

Jamie E.

I checked out the store on the advice of my wife, who is 5' 10" and wears a large shoe size.  I was looking for a pair of comfortable boots, but lighter weight than the older leather boots I needed to replace.  My feet have been bothering me for some time and I was hoping for something comfortable. The salesman made several suggestions and I found two pairs (New Balance and Wolverine) which were immediately very comfortable.  I purchased both pairs for just a bit over what I expected to pay for one.  I should mention that I was on my motorcycle, and rode home wearing the N B's.  Today, I spent several hours working in the yard with the New Balance boots and did not have to take a 'foot break.'  The staff were very helpful, the selection, huge.  As an Army combat veteran I know good boots, and these rock.

Kim C. from Windsor, CA

Lost count how many pairs of shoes I've bought here. Just one of those super rare places I can always count on to have what I want, treat me with courtesy and appreciates my business. They must be doing something right to be around almost 60 years. Thanks for always taking good care of me and my feet.

Joe B. from Santa Rosa, CA

I cannot believe that no one has rated this business yet. This is what a good shoe store should be.
My father shopped here for years. He had a wide foot and had difficulty finding a good fit at other shoe stores but that wasn't the case at Santa Rosa Shoes. They have a great shoe selection AND a fantastic size/width selection so this was basically one stop shoe shopping for him. He would actually make the one hour drive to shop for shoes here.

Fast forward to the present: My adult son who also has a wide foot was searching for harness/engineer boots but wasn't finding a comfortable fit. We were already up in Santa Rosa doing Christmas shopping so on a lark I phoned Santa Rosa Shoes to see if they have wide widths in either style. The woman on the phone told me they had both!   We drove here, they had his size and fit. Purchase complete.

This place represents the way shoe stores used to be back when I was growing up, a good selection of men’s and women's shoes, someone who is readily available to help you but also leaves you alone when you want to browse, an incredible selection of sizes and widths, friendly service and they string up your box for you (remember that?).   As we were leaving, my husband said "The next time I need a pair of shoes, we are coming here."   I couldn't have said it better myself.

Alyssa N. from Novato, CA

Maybe the experience at Santa Rosa Shoes depends on the sales person who helps you. I shopped there for the first time today in a panic because I have been unable to find cute but comfortable walking shoes for my first trip to Europe. I have large and wide feet (especially for a woman). The sales woman who helped me was wonderful! She made me feel comfortable as we looked at the types of shoes I was interested in and came in a wide width. I left with great walking shoes and no stress about my feet walking through Europe! I will definitely return when I need new shoes. No more spending days trying to find shoes that are nice looking and nice fitting. This is the place to go if you have wide feet.

Rebecca R. from Petaluma, CA

I love this store. This store is 100% customer focused and they have several sales people that are not intrusive and they are very helpful and knowledgeable. The merchandise in this store is very high quality and they carry all the sizes (including wide sizes). I wish more stores we run like this store. A+ rating. Will definitely go back.

Chuck D. from Rohnert Park, CA

If you have a wide foot, like I do, then this is the only place to shop.  They are always helpful and have a good selection of shoes that fit.

Diane B. from Cloverdale, CA

I had to come here to get shoes for an academy, and they were fabulous! They measured my foot to make sure I got the right size, and knew exactly what was going to be within my standards. as protocol required specific components be present in the shoe, and they knew!!! very knowledgeable. i highly recommend coming here.

Janice P. from Rohnert Park, CA

This is the best place to get wide shoes and boots. Good selection of big-name boots (Timberland), semi-enclosed hiking sandals such as Teva, New Balance walkers (wide sizes). Old fashioned service: the salesperson sits down on the small bench in front of you, uses a shoe horn and is sincerely interested in your response. Then your purchase is secured with string (no huge plastic bag)! When have you encountered that? They were very friendly and helpful. I live in Petaluma but I'll be making the trip to Santa Rosa Shoes for my future shoe purchases. You betcha!

Richard C. from Petaluma, CA

The customer service was excellent..The sales associate was very knowledgeable regarding brands and styles that would work best with my orthotics and was just as reluctant to sell me any shoe that did not fit perfectly. An added bonus was the great prices!!

Jackie Hinck Hamilton from Fortuna, CA

I have purchased all my shoes at Santa Rosa Shoes since I moved to Sonoma County in 1977. That is the only place I can get a comfortable fit, but the main reason is because Jerry and Ann are "real people" and give excellent customer service.

Arlene Cowen from Rohnert Park, CA

I've been going to this store for close to 30 years...since it was in Roseland. I've always found the staff to be helpful and polite. I don't think all salespeople are "experts" in all things what? Their return policy is clear and reasonable. I have a back problem, and sometimes I don't know if the shoes I've just got will set off pain or not until I've worn the shoes several hours and on and off for a few days. As long as I haven't worn the shoes outside and they are in the condition I received them in, I've never had a problem returning shoes. I've always found several styles and colors of shoes that I want, and at very reasonable prices. This is the only store I buy shoes from, except for my standard, everyday Reeboks. For all other shoes, this is the only place I shop. I'm not a "shoe" girl...I just like nice-looking, comfy shoes for dress and high heels for me. I don't know if this store carries them or not, as I've never looked.

Louise M. from Sebastopol, CA.

In search of some new work shoes I stopped by Santa Rosa Shoes because I saw on their website that they had the shoes I was interested in. John, the sales associate, was very friendly and knowledgable. The gentleman behind the counter, which I assume was the owner, gave me some great advice about my shoe care. Great service and excellent selection!

Justin Z. from Salt Lake City, UT

I can't imagine what it must be like to deal with peoples dirty, smelly feet and shoes every day; that's got to be really tough to do for 60 years.  I just wanted to say thank you for many great experiences and for helping to keep me and my family and employees safe and happy.  Maybe knowing that you have a very appreciative customer is helpful when you have tough days like we do.

Joe B. from San Carlos, CA

My family and I and my employees from several of my companies have been customers of Santa Rosa Shoes for over 45 years. Any business that has managed to survive for over 60 years (I think this is their 61st year in business) is doing something right.   And anyone who has ever owned a business of any kind knows that this is an amazing accomplishment, especially in retail. Anyone who has ever worked in retail and had to deal with customers knows it's a very challenging way to earn a living.  We just wanted to say something here that might be of value, I hope this does.  You folks have always treated us great and thank you for the great service all these years

As a business owner, as are several of my family members too, we all agree that one of the hardest parts of running a business is being nice to every customer.  Frankly, every year that goes by I wonder if its worth it anymore.  People can be so mean and demanding and we, as business owners and employees too are expected to deal with it and be nice to everyone. Nobody ever seems to think that we are people with feelings and problems too and we can't always be at our best.  Over the years we have personally purchased and sent countless friends and employees to Santa Rosa Shoes so the number of purchases and visits made to them is, well we can't even count its been so many.  And one of the reasons is they have always treated us great.

Every single transaction with these folks has been absolutely professional and enjoyable. They always made sure every pair of shoes and boots fit correctly and was the type needed for the job required.  And for me personally, being on my feet as much as I am, I don't think I would have been able to continue working if not for being able to buy great boots, shoes and arch supports and insoles that take the pain away from standing so much.  And believe me if their service had been anything less than excellent I would never have returned or spent as much money with them as we have over the years.  And with my family I'd  have never heard the end of it if they had bad experiences.  

But, all that being said, I also think I have a part in why we get good service from companies.  As a business owner and someone who was taught by my parents to treat others the way I want to be treated, I have never subjected any business or employee of any business to anything but kindness and respectful communication.  I just can't imagine speaking to others the way some of my customers speak to us.  The world is mean enough without me being a jerk to other people.  

Whenever we go to any business or any kind, we treat people with the same dignity that we pray people would offer us.  At Santa Rosa Shoes and any other business, I just politely and professionally explain what I'm looking for and for some crazy reason I usually seem to get employees that treat me well.  And, if I don't get what I want I sure have better uses of my time than to invest in trying to make other people feel bad.  

The only reason I am on this site right now is that we just hired a new employee.  He was wearing the only pair of shoes he owned and they were cheap and falling apart.  He wouldn't have lasted 2 days in the shoes he had.  I sent him over to Santa Rosa Shoes and told him to ask them to help him get a new pair of work boots and a new pair of shoes to replace the crappy ones he was wearing.  

He came back from the store and was so excited when he showed us the new shoes and boots he got.  He said he had never had anyone help him buy shoes before and was shocked to find out that they actually measured and fit him in the right size.  He was wearing shoes 2 sizes too small and not nearly wide enough.  His tears started when he said he never knew he could have shoes that did not cause him pain.   

We called over to Santa Rosa Shoes before he got there and explained he would be coming in and we would pay for his shoes and boots.  They took great care of him and fit him in the right boots for the job.  He's a great young man and we're happy to have him working for us and now we know he can do his job here safely.  Boots in our business are as important as any tools we use and making sure he had the right ones is what we count on Santa Rosa Shoes to do for us